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The Definitive Guide to Buying the Best Child Bike Trailer for Your Family

A bicycle child trailer makes taking your kids with you on your regular bike ride easy and convenient. However, there are so many child trailers on the market that it can be challenging to choose the right one for your family's needs and budget. This guide will help you decide what features to look for when shopping, spot the different price points, and where to purchase the best child bike trailer at a fair price online or in person.

What are child bike trailers?

A child bike trailer is a cargo bike trailer that enables you to transport your child with your bike safely. It's best to use this type of bike trailer when biking around town or on paths because it offers a higher degree of safety than biking with a little one in tow while carrying them. These bike trailers are great because they allow you to care for two things: keeping your child safe and giving you a free hand.

What different styles of child trailers are there?

Different styles of child trailers are made for different ages and activities. For example, rear-facing trailers are used for newborns and infants, front-facing trailers are used for toddlers, and kickstand ones can be placed in a trailer bike frame so your little one can ride their own two wheels! Below is a list of different types of bike child trailers: 

Rear-Facing Child Bike Trailers - these are typically used with infants as they face backward, so they cannot see forward, which increases safety.

Front-Facing Child Bike Trailers: These are good for toddlers because they're not as likely to have a neck injury from turning their heads backward. 

Kickstand Child Bicycle Trailer: If you don't have space or want more storage on your bike, this type of child bicycle trailer has a lower clearance between the ground and the carrier. It is also easier to install than rear-facing child bike trailers.

Things to consider when buying a bike trailer

In a hurry to buy a child bicycle trailer and get out on the trail? Use this guide to determine what to look for when purchasing a trailer.

1. Where will you be going with your child?

 It's important to consider things like type of terrain, distances, elevation gains and any off-roading planned. For example, a lightweight trailer would work if you're mainly going to stick to paved roads and trails without much off-roading. 

2. How big is your bike? How tall are you? 

Ensure that the child's bike trailer fits on your bike and that there is enough room between your saddle and where the child sits. 

3. Check all hinges, bolts, nuts and screws regularly to ensure they are still tight after use. 

That way, if something comes loose, it won't fall off while riding or later during storage or transportation. 

4. Invest on electric or heated child trailers

For people who live in colder climates, it may be worth considering an electric or heated child bicycle trailer to keep them warm during winter.

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