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How to Choose the Right Throttle for Your E-Scooter

The throttle of an e-scooter may seem like one of the most fundamental parts, but in actuality, it's one of the most critical parts in making your e-scooter run smoothly and efficiently. A poorly functioning or malfunctioning throttle can cause your battery to drain, not move when you want it to, or even stop working altogether. Use this guide on how to choose the right e-scooter throttle.

Adjustable vs. Non-Adjustable

Adjustable e-scooter throttle controls allow you to change the power used to propel your electric scooter. This type of throttle can be adjusted while you are riding. Non-adjustable e-scooters only have one setting - it cannot be changed while on a ride.

Motor Wattage

Electric scooters rely heavily on their throttles. It controls how much power is sent to your motor and ultimately determines the speed of your e-scooter. Motor wattage (or watts) indicates how much energy can be delivered by an engine. The higher the wattage, the more powerful your e-scooter will be.

Throttle Type

There are three types of throttle controls that you can use with an e-scooter. All three are different in how they work, but all serve the same basic function: controlling your speed.

Manual Throttles

They help control your speed by giving you a lever to push forward to accelerate and back to brake.

Automatic Throttles 

Automatically adjust how fast you're going based on how much pressure you apply to them. So if you barely touch the throttle, it'll go very slow, and if you press it as hard as possible without any braking, it will go very fast.

Thumb Throttles

They have a small joystick that works like a motorcycle's accelerator where moving up on the stick makes you go faster while moving down slows you down.

Extra Features

One of the most essential features of an e-scooter throttle is how much it will run on a single charge. If you want your throttle to last as long as possible, ensure it has a very long battery life. Plus, ensure that the throttle control is easy and accessible so you can use it on any terrain.

Look for throttles with only one button since this makes them easier to operate. Finally, consider whether or not the throttle includes additional safety features such as overcharge protection or a reverse gear function.

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