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Find The Best Electric Scooter for Commuting

Ready to take the plunge and buy an electric commuter scooter for adults? Finding the right quality e-scooter is never easy. With a wide range of e-scooters out in the market, how do you select the right one for you? At Scooteroo, we have a wide selection of different electric scooters available. From premium quality to budget-friendly models, we’ve got you covered.


Here are 5 things you need to consider before purchasing the best commuter electric scooters.

Quality and Budget 

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing an electric scooter is your price range. Scooters are available in a variety of prices - from those suited for tight budgets to top-of-the-line options for those who want only the best.

Essentially, quality and features improve with a price. Remember, you don’t need to online consider the best of the best electric scooters for adults for sale. Focus on finding the right electric scooter that matches your needs.

Range and Battery Life 

Another important thing to keep in mind is the range of your scooter. Range means how far an electric scooter can go before it needs to recharge. Factors such as motor power, rider weight, scooter weight, weather conditions, and driving modes all play a part.

If you want to make sure that your scooter never runs out of energy, consider buying high-performance off road electric scooter for adults  that have dual charging ports. It can cut the charging time in half.

Weight and Portability 

If all you need from your electric scooter is to get around, then it doesn't matter how heavy it is. However, weight is a very important consideration for anyone carrying around or folding up their scooter regularly.

If your thinking about purchasing a electric scooter to commute to work, weight matters. To know if your scooter needs to be on the lighter side, think about your commute. Do you need to walk upstairs? Does your destination have an elevator? These are important questions to ask.

Suspension and Ride Quality

Commutes via electric scooters can either be smooth or bumpy depending on the round. Similar to cars, suspension smooths out bumps and indentations in the road. It improves ride quality for you.

Without suspension, you will feel every bump on the road which can sometimes be dangerous depending on the terrain of your commute.

Brakes and Control 

To stay safe and in control while riding an electric scooter, a good braking system is key. Like those found on bicycles or cars, braking systems are what slow the vehicle down. Electric scooter brakes can be broken into two categories: mechanical and electronic.

Mechanical brakes use physical mechanisms to stop the scooter from going any further. While electronic brakes rely on using the motor itself for braking and include strictly electric and regenerative braking systems. For the safest option, opt for scooters that have at least two braking systems in case one fails.


There are a lot of things to think over when investing in an electric scooter. These are just the very basic guidelines for first-time riders. To ensure that you’re making the right choices, keep these top tips in mind. 

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